Exclusive Dealer of Johannus Organs in Kentucky and Cincinnati

Why Rivierstad? Why Johannus?

Rivierstad Church Organ Consultants, LLC was formed out of the complete and totally positive experience of a Johannus client.

Several years ago, when Dan Benjamin was first hired as the new organist by Middletown United Methodist Church in Louisville, KY, part of Dan’s responsibilities was to find a new organ for the church. Having been a 'purist' all of his life, playing only pipe organs, Dan’s research was eye-opening. The church needed an instrument that sounded like a great pipe organ but could perform admirably in a very challenging acoustical environment.

After lots of research and travel, Dan became familiar with many digital organs and Johannus rose to the top of his list as state of the art in every aspect and very traditional when it counts. Johannus was contracted to build a significant instrument for the sanctuary and a small instrument for the chapel.

From the experience, Dan was pleased to start Rivierstad as a partnership with Patrick S. Ryan, the designer of the Monarke (Johannus) organ that is now in use at MUMC. Kentucky has been receptive and Rivierstad continues to grow.

Call us or e-mail us and let us see how we can help you in getting the Johannus organ that mixes technology and tradition so well.


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